Two Wheel Mania Cooling Jacket Review

Two Wheel Mania Magazine have reviewed our HyperKewl Deluxe Sports Cooling Jacket saying they are a “great way to beat the heat” and they “offer a great respite from the blistering sun”.

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Cooling jacket


“While the Colorado River is very refreshing and does offer a great respite from the blistering sun, you probably won’t want to spend all your time in the water, so throw on this vest from Hyperkewl. This Deluxe Sport Cooling Vest is a great way to beat the heat when worn under your motorcycle jacket or just by itself. If you’ve ever soaked your t-shirt in water before a motorcycle ride then you know how refreshing it can be to feel the warm wind cooled by the wet shirt. Well, this motorcycle vest serves the same purpose however rather than drying out quickly like a t-shirt can, this motorcycle vest can maintain the cooling effects for five to ten hours. Made with a quilted exterior and a Hypercooling liner, the vest is lightweight, and will stay put on your body at just about any speed with the heavy-duty zipper.”

Cooling apparel for bike riders:

Other Magazine Reviews

Our HyperKewl cooling vests have been receiving glowing reviews. Check out what these leading magazines are saying about our cooling vests for hot weather riding:

Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine

“... the HyperKewl vest works amazingly well”

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Road Runner Magazine

“I couldn’t believe the difference, instead of hot and sweaty, I felt cool”

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Rider Magazine

“... TechNiche’s HyperKewl vest provided remarkable relief”

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Rider's Review Magazine

“... like magic, you’ll instantly feel the cooling effect”

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Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

“This summer I have taken it with me on many trips and it never fails to keep the heat at bay"

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Road Trooper Magazine

“I couldn’t believe the difference, instead of hot and sweaty, I felt cool”

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Motocross Action Magazine

“Not only did it lower our core body temperature … but we noticed a spike in athletic performance”

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Rider's Group

"This vest is worth it’s weight in gold"

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Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

"the essential accessory for hot, summer days"

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Chronic MX Magazine

“… by far the best motocross cooling vest on the market”

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