Tips to beat the heat on a bike

Check out this article from the Times of India on how to ride cool and safe in the summer. Their tips to beat the heat on a bike include wearing a cooling vest and using a cooling neckband. Luckily for you these products are now available in India!

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Ride cool, ride safe: Top tips to beat the heat on a bike

Indian summers are punishing. More so for a rider. Riding in hot and humid conditions can bring difficulties if one does not take adequate protection – both for him/herself and for the bike. To make the rides more comfortable, following are few tips which include using the right accessories as well as following the right practices.

Stay cool on a bike

Dress to beat the heat

* While light and well ventilated clothes are advisable in summers, full sleeved shirts and jackets can be a boon when on a bike as it reduces the skins exposure to the sun. In addition, full sleeves shirt also stop the body from absorbing heat and reduces water lost through sweat. Wearing light colors is an absolute must because dark-colored clothes absorb more heat. One can also opt for ventilated jackets which are commonly available in the market and on e-commerce websites.

* Wear gloves which have meshes or have openings for ventilation. They reduce the skin’s exposure to elements, prevent calluses and protect the fingers from hot clutch and brake levers.
Look cool to keep coolCooling neckband

* Wearing full-face ventilated helmets is an absolute must. Hair can become sweaty and
without ventilation, there is no evaporation of sweat to make the rider feel cool.

* Keep the back of the neck cool with a cooling neck band. These are easily available from e-commerce.

* One can also get a cooling vest in case the duration of the ride is long.

Cooling vest
Water as primary fuel

* Dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat strokes not only affect one’s health but can be a major cause of motorcycle accident.

* Drinking cool water in adequate quantity before leaving for the ride is a must.

* Keeping a bottle of cool water drinking a few sips through the ride can also be a lifesaver.

* For long rides, one can take hydration backpacks which can carry more water than bottles. These are also helpful as the bike need not be stopped for a sip.

Like bike maintanence

* Check engine oil. If the bike is not liquid-cooled machine, the engines can heat up during running/idling over long durations. Engine oil reduces heat created due to friction and also dissipates heat from the engine. So, ensure that the engine oil is in proper condition that is is always topped up. It’s also advisable to use a thick synthetic oil rather than thin oils.

* If you have a liquid-cooled bike, the cooling system should be in perfect order. Make sure that the coolant levels are at the right place. Also check that the radiator cap is fixed correctly.

* Take breaks during long rides and park the bike in the shade. Give at least 10 minutes for the engine to cool down.

Article from Times of India



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