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wet coast news

User review blog

The author of the blog ‘Riding the Wet Coast‘, has published a very insightful review of his experience wearing a HyperKewl cooling vest. Below are some of the things he had to say: “On a day like this I would be sweating by the time I got home.   Wearing this Evaporative Vest helped a lot.  […]

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rider magazine

Rider Magazine Review

Rider Magazine published a glowing review of our HyperKewl Cooling Vests. Here’s what they had to say: “Having ridden in sweltering conditions without an evaporative cooling vest, I can attest that TechNiche’s Hyperkewl vest provided remarkable relief”. Click here to read the full review     Other Magazine Reviews Our HyperKewl cooling vests have been […]

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Stay cool while you run! Ultra Running Community Review

Ultra Running Community Review of HyperKewl Cooling Vests Check out this review of TechNiche Cooling Products by the Ultra Running Community. They explain how you can stay cool while you run by wearing our HyperKewl cooling vests and accessories. They conclude their article by saying: “If you live in a hot climate, training for an […]

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summer cooling vest

Summer cooling vest review

Check out this review of our HyperKewl summer cooling vests by Guy Talk Magazine from the Netherlands. They reviewed TechNiche International’s HyperKewl Ultra Sports cooling vest, concluding it is “money well spent”. Check out there review of our summer cooling vests on their website, or see below:     Keep Cool with HyperKewl Cooling Vests […]

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