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whole dog journal

Tips for overcoming heat stroke in dogs

The Whole Dog Health Journal published an article outlining 5 ways to overcome heat stroke in dogs, recommending using our HyperKewl Cooling Dog Coats.   Five ways to prevent your dog from suffering heatstroke, even when it’s really hot. By Nancy Kerns Dogs can suffer from heat stress in just a few short minutes, even […]

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Cooling Horse products

Cooling horse blankets and cooling horse leg wraps

Horse Cooling Products: new to India! We are excited to announce that HyperKewl cooling horse products are now available in India! HyperKewl cooling horse products are made by TechNiche International, the world’s leading manufacturer of climate control apparel. Check out our cooling horse rugs, cooling horse leg-wraps and neck coolers. HyperKewl cooling horse products provide […]

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