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Cooling Vests and Climate Change

Susan Kraemer has recently written an interesting article on EarthTechling.com, about how the use of cooling vests and other personal cooling apparel will be a key factor in dealing with climate change and saving lives. She specifically mentions our HyperKewl Cooling Apparel by TechNiche international, while drawing specific reference to how our products can save […]

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Cooling neck bands

Cooling Neckbands for Police in Delhi

Delhi Police to stay cool with HyperKewl Cooling Neckbands This summer has seen blistering temperatures in Delhi, with the mercury regularly crossing 40ºC. Naturally this makes outdoor jobs very dangerous occupations. To help Delhi police officers avoid suffering from heat stroke the Delhi police are procuring 3,000 HyperKewl Cooling Neckbands manufactured by TechNiche International. Our cooling neckbands […]

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Kerala Cooling Vests

HyperKewl cooling apparel is now available in Kerala. Visit the new ‪HyperKewl‬ Store in Kochi.   HYPERKEWL (Jolly Enterprises) Address: Carmel Building, Banerjee Rd, Ernakulam, Cochin Phone: 7356113725     Top selling cooling apparel:  

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blog feature

Cooling vests for Ebola first responders

Arming doctors to fight Ebola with TechKewl phase change cooling vests The Ebola virus has left more than 5,000 people dead as cases in West Africa continue to surge. Ebola first responders are working tirelessly to save others and end Ebola. Many of these heroes are putting in long hours in extreme heats. We are […]

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Cool down runners

Cooling vests to help runners cool down

Check out this interesting article about research by the UNT Health Science Center Medical Team. They discuss how our Elite Sports Cooling Vest can help runners cool down, and prevent hypothermia amongst overheated runners. Putting the freeze on overheated runners By Alex Branch A new tool could help overheated runners cool down at the 2016 Cowtown […]

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Hyperkewl feature

Costume Cooling Vests

People wearing costumes are at great risk from heat stroke while wearing their bulky outfits. Whether you are a team mascot or are dressing up in cosplay for ComicCon, you can stay cool and comfortable by wearing a TechKewl Cooling Vest inside your costume. Our Phase Change cooling vests provide a constant 14ºC temperature. This […]

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No AC?

No AC? HyperKewl Cooling Vests

Do you have no AC in your car? Then you should pick up a HyperKewl cooling vest. Our cooling vests are ideal for vintage car enthusiasts. Mustang Monthly recently published a review of about wearing a cooling vest while driving a Mustang with no air conditioning. Check out their review.     Top selling cooling […]

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