Blog review: surviving the heat with a cooling vest

HyperKewl cooling vests provide “chilling relief while riding through the over that is India’s peak summer” according to global adventurer Jay Kannaiyan. On his blog Jammin Global Adventures, Jay talks about his adventures riding all around not just India, but the globe. Stay cool with your future adventures with HyperKewl cooling apparel.

Surviving the heat with a cooling vest 

By Jay Kannaiyan

“My gear for really hot riding: boonie hat and TechNiche Cooling Vest ;) It’s a nylon quilted vest that holds half a liter of water and when I’m moving, air flows through my Kevlar mesh jacket and evaporates the water on my core and cools it down. At 47 C (117 F) and low humidity, it lasts for about an hour or so and then I re-wet it. It provides chilling relief while riding through the oven that is India’s peak summer in the center. Dreaming of shivering in the Himalayas soon…” (see the full blog)


Cooling apparel for surviving the heat:


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