HyperKewl cooling vests essential for the summer wardrobe

Brikkels Motorcycle magazine from Holland reviewed our DryKewl and HyperKewl cooling vests. They conclude that our cooling vests are must have items for any rider’s summer wardrobe.


Drykewl & HyperKewl cooling vests review: essential in your summer wardrobe

Article from Brikkels Motorcycle magazine

After a somewhat rainy weekend in the Eifel region where the temperature didn’t pass 20 degrees. It was a pleasant surprise that the mercury exceeded 26 degrees. It gave us the opportunity to test both our HyperKewl and Drykewl cooling vests from TechNiche International

How does it work? 

You just need to immerse the HyperKewl cooling vest in a basin or bucket with water and let it lie there for about three minutes. Then take the cooling vest from the bucket and you squeeze out the excess water. To avoid damaging the structure of the polymer-embedded fabric you should only wring the vest carefully.


The Drykewl cooling vests works slightly differently. This vest comes with a cooling insert which like the HyperKewl vest you have to immerse in water for about 3 minutes. Then gently squeeze out the excess water. And then you put the insert into the vest and zip it shut. The advantage with DryKewl is that you always remain completely dry while experiencing the cooling effect.


After these steps were completed in a matter of minutes, we put our cooling vests on and hopped on our motorcycles. Immediately you feel a delicious coolness around the upper body. This is because the HyperKewl and Drykewl vests use a special fabric that absorbs a lot of water. The airflow going through this fabric cools you as the water evaporates and without difficulty you can experience this cooling effect for up to 7 hours.

If the cooling effect begins to lessen you just need to stop , for example at a gas station, rehydrate the cooling vest, and you can continue your ride in comfort.

The DryKewl vest keeps you completely dry, however with the HyperKewl vest you will get a little damp. Which is logical, considering the vest has been submerged in water. If you have an appointment after your ride this is not ideal, but during a hot day when your only goal is to drive your favorite bike in comfort, than a HyperKewl cooling vest is definitely a must.

The DryKewl vest does have a slight disadvantage. If you are wearing it under your motorcycle jacket,  it might block some of the airflow. My motorcycle jacket for example, had no ventilation holes so I had to keep my half-open zipper to ensure there was enough airflow to allow evaporation to take place so I could fully appreciate the cooling effect..

Which to choose? DryKewl or HyperKewl?

For my use, the Dutch summer is usually between 24 and 27 degrees. In these temperature Drykewl is probably the best option. The cooling effect isn’t as dramatic as from the HyperKewl cooling vest, but in the milder Dutch weather the cooling effect is more than adequate, and therefore safe to go on the road. The HyperKewl cooling vest, I would definitely take on vacation to Morocco or other hot areas where you can enjoy good motorcycling. Since this vest provides even an more dramatic cooling effect I’d recommended this for when the temperatures exceed 30 degrees. In temperatures like that it does not matter that your clothing may become a little damp, as you would be soaked in sweat anyway if you didn’t wear it.


According to research from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, wearing a HyperKewl cooling vest improves concentration, improves comfort, lowers skin temperature, lowers heart rate, reduces water loss and increases energy. During our beautiful sightseeing tour on a hot summer day we definitely found them handy.  So, you want to stay cool and comfortable while riding on hot days, then these two cooling vests by TechNiche  are ideal! If it is really really hot , we advise the HyperKewl cooling vest . If its hot but not too hot we would choose the DryKewl vest. (read full review)


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