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Check out this review of our HyperKewl summer cooling vests by Guy Talk Magazine from the Netherlands. They reviewed TechNiche International’s HyperKewl Ultra Sports cooling vest, concluding it is “money well spent”. Check out there review of our summer cooling vests on their website, or see below:

Summer cooling vest



Keep Cool with HyperKewl Cooling Vests

by Guy Talk MagazineHow to use summer cooling vest

Summer is fast approaching, the warm temperatures are getting closer and I think I’m right when I say that there are no fans of sweaty bodies. Whether you are running, troubled by the heat during the nerve-racking World Cup matches, or simply struggling with the heat at work – HyperKewl cooling vests will keep your body cool and comfortable where ever you are. All you need is water.

The cooling vests are simple to use: first plunge the vest under water for a few minutes, gently squeeze out the excess water, and then put on the vest: the coolness will follow!

The HyperKewl cooling vests make use of a unique 3-layer structure through which the water is rapidly absorbed and stored. Once you wear the cooling vests your body will become 6-16 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature.  These cooling vests are perfect for keeping you body cool, for up to 10 hours.

Okay, so you immerse the cooling vest in water and then put it on … don’t your clothes get soaked? No. The editors at tested the vest, and while we were at first skeptical, I can say that I am quite impressed by the cooling vest. After dipping and squeezing the vest the excess water disappeared, and the vest immediately provided a cooling effect. The HyperKewl vests use a special waterproof membrane lining, so you do not walk around with wet clothes.

I myself have tested the vest during activities like running and boxing, and the effects are striking: during the entire workout your body is cooled, and due to the relatively good fit you almost don’t notice that you’re wearing a vest. The low weight of the vest – even when it is full of water – remains very low. So it doesn’t looks like you’re walking around with a heavy weight vest.

We believe HyperKewl cooling vest are money well spent. HyperKewl cooling vests and accessories are used by many famous users including: the players of the Dutch national football team, the Ajax team, PSV, Formula 1 Teams Ferrari and McLaren and so on. The vest that we tested is the HyperKewl ™ Cooling Vest Ultra Sport.

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