Ultra Running Community Review of HyperKewl Cooling Vests

Check out this review of TechNiche Cooling Products by the Ultra Running Community. They explain how you can stay cool while you run by wearing our HyperKewl cooling vests and accessories. They conclude their article by saying: “If you live in a hot climate, training for an event that is known to get hot or are prone to heat stress then I would highly recommend the TechNiche products.”

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Stay cool while you run


Gear Review: Techniche Cooling Products (final section)

by Ultra Running Community

“I have been running in the AeroChill and Kewlshirt for a little over a month. I have completed a range of runs including trail, 5km time trial, hill session, early morning (on a cooler day) and long road runs. The longer run completed in the Aerochill Cooling Vest was 36km on a 28 degree day.

When I first put the AeroChill Vest two things I immediately noticed was how light it was and how soft it was. My initial runs in the vest were between 5 and 15km and I instantly liked the feel of the product.

Now, you will still sweat the same amount as if you weren’t wearing the vest, this confused me a little as I thought my sweat levels would drop, so I was initially questioning the benefit. So I tried a few different options, first half of run without the vest and second half with it, visa versa and a few other combinations. Either way it was clear to me that there is a definite benefit to wearing this product. You won’t put it on and get a “Phew, that’s better moment” but you will feel a little more comfortable and with a slight breeze or a gust of wind, it feels incredible.

For my longer runs I used the Kewlshirt as it is a better fit for me, this for me is where the vest really comes into play. My longer run was a hot day 28 – 30 degrees with a decent amount of humidity and I set off around 9:30am so it was already really hot. I ran 35km on the road, around 3hrs 15, the first section of the run was fairly hilly and although I still felt hot it was manageable and I was enjoying the regular gust of wind to give me a burst of coolness. At 15km I took the vest off, put it in my pack (Note it is light enough to stuff in the pack without noticing it), and continued. I wanted to test if I made a difference. It took about 3 km before I realised how much benefit I was getting from the Kewlshirt. I hit Burleigh Heads (5km without the vest), held the Kewlshirt under a beach tap for 2-minutes, squeezed out the excess, and it was blissful. Catching breezes along the esplanade and feeling that much cooler.

The other point to note it the recovery benefit, By maintaining that slightly lower body temperature during the longer runs I found I recovered a lot better.

If you live in a hot climate, training for an event that is known to get hot or are prone to heat stress then I would highly recommend the TechNiche products”.


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