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    Cooling vest for runnersHyperKewl cooling vests are revolutionary products designed to counter the harmful effects of heat stress. Our cooling vests have become an essential piece of sporting equipment for athletes seeking a competitive edge. No matter what sport you play, HyperKewl cooling apparel will help you stay cool & comfortable and preform to your optimal level.

    HyperKewl vests aid in reducing the effects of heat stress and reduce the likelihood of heat related illnesses by cooling the body. A cooler body means less sweating. Less sweating means the onset of dehydration is delayed. Leading to improved athletic performance.

  • Academic Research on Cooling the body for Athletic Performance

    There is a wealth of academic research showing the benefits cooling vests can have on athletic performance:

    Cooling Vests worn during active warm-up enhances performance & reduces thermal and cardiovascular strain (American Physiological Society)
    Athletes who pre-cool can perform at their highest level, 10 to 20 percent longer than those who don’t (Stanford University)
    Pre-cooling can effectively enhance endurance performance (Sports Medicine)

    Cooling during exercise has a positive effect on performance and capacity (British Journal of Medicine)

    Pre-cooling can improve subsequent intermittent and prolonged exercise performance and capacity in a hot environment (British Journal of Medicine)

    Pre-cooling is to allow the participant to start exercise at a lower core temperature and/or to attenuate the rate at which core temperature increases during the subsequent bout of exercise  (British Journal of Medicine)

    Wearing a cooling vest is similar in magnitude to the performance benefit that athletes receive from altitude training (Applied Physiology)

    Run time increased by 17% with pre-cooling (Medical Science Sports Exercise)

    Pre-cooling with a cooling vest allows more work to be performed before fatigue is reached (American Physiological Society)

    Larger muscle gain was registered with cold exposure (American Physiological Society)

    Pre-cooling allows a greater rate of heat storage, with the effect of reducing the rate of rise in core temperature (British Journal of Sports Medicine)

    Pre-cooled athletes were able to sustain higher exercise intensity than controls and it seems that pre-cooling provides a distinct thermal advantage for exercise (British Journal of Sports Medicine)

    Cooling Vest worn during the rest, stretch and warm-up reduced core and skin temperatures, sweat rates were lower and endurance time increased (Massey University, New Zealand)

    After pre-cooling, subjects saw an increases in heat storage capacity and distance cycled (Charles Sturt University – Australia)

    Our results indicate that the combination of wearing a cooling jacket and water intake enhances exercise endurance performance in a warm environment because of a widened temperature margin before the critical limiting temperature is reached and also because of decreased thermoregulatory and cardiovascular strain (Hiroshima University – Japan)

    Cooling increased the time taken to reach volitional exhaustion by 13.5% by users who cooled during exercise (Whitelands College – UK)

    After pre-cooling, less blood is sent to the skin, so more oxygen-rich blood goes to the muscles. This results in a lower heart rate running at a given pace, which allows you to maintain a faster pace (Running Times Magazine)

    Most people’s central organs—specifically the liver, kidneys, and intestines—rise above 101 ­degrees during exercise. When that happens, water and blood begin to leave your muscles and race to the skin in an attempt to cool you down. This depletes the muscles of oxygen and dehydrates them, causing fatigue. Yet while most athletes reach the 101-degree threshold after just 20 to 30 minutes of exercise, recent studies have shown that cooling beforehand can delay the process significantly.

  • HyperKewl & pro-athletes

    HyperKewl has become the brand of choice for professional athletes. Some of the world’s biggest names in sports can regularly be seen cooling down with our products. Our vests are used for pre-cooling, worn during play, and for post-cooling.

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  • Research by Dutch University on the effectiveness of our cooling vests

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