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TechNiche Middle East is helping keep workers safe from heat stress in Qatar with HyperKewl safety cooling vests. Read the article below to see how RasGas ordered 10,000 HyperKewl safety cooling products. This is a great step towards protecting the health and safety of workers in extreme heats, as well as providing them with means to boost their productivity!



Rapid EPS M-E highlights workers’ welfare tools

Article from the Qatar Tribune

As more big projects and construction companies adhere to higher safety standards leading up to the 2019 World Athletics Championships and the 2022 FIFA World Cup, both to be hosted by Qatar, standards-compliant solutions such as Rapid EPS and TechNiche’s worker-welfare-oriented range might have a significant role to play in building the country’s infrastructure.

“Our business is all done under the umbrella of workers’ welfare, and when it comes to that, Qatar is leading the way in the GCC. As a matter of fact and despite all the controversy, no one else in the GCC, or even the world, have spent so much money on workers’ cooling apparel in one order,” Rapid EPS General Manager in Qatar Paul Gilligan told Qatar Tribune recently.

Paul was referring to the TechNiche’s HyperKewl’ vests, which can provide those working in high-temperature environments with 3 to 4 hours of cooling relief per soaking. The patent-protected cooling vests recently had the company shaking hands with JGC, which in turn distributed 100,000 units to RasGas.”This is probably the biggest worker welfare clothing transaction to take place in Qatar as well as the GCC region,” Paul pointed out.

Just like TechNiche cooling vests, the RAPID EPS (Edge Protection Systems) meets Paul’s کunique-compliant-patented’ product-selection criteria, which he said have already achieved some great results.

According to Paul, demand for edge protection products (barriers that prevent persons and objects from falling to a lower level at construction sites) is growing across the GCC.

In fact, the patented system, which is said to be 10 times faster to erect than existing drill-and-fix systems, has already been chosen by Al Khayyat Contracting and Trading (KCT) to protect its workers at the Union Tower Project in West Bay. According to KCT Corporate SHEQ Manager Adnan Kumar, the system is cost effective for long term use and its installation is fast and easy to relocate.

Moreover, Paul said that Rapid EPS M-E, with its BS EN13374-compliant کRapid Post’ system, has recently secured major projects in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

While worker welfare is key to the safety of those working on building the country’s infrastructure, securing venues and installations post-construction is equally important, leading Paul to opt for Polmil fences to complete the GM’s product range in Qatar.

Paul explained how Polmil’s ram-resistant PAS68 Rated fences, which are currently on trial at one of Qatar Petroleum’s security sites, are fit for protecting big venues during mega events.

“Polmil was the supplier of perimeter security fencing (Olympic venues) to the London 2012 Olympic Games, DSEI in London for the last two years and the 2013 counter terrorism show. The on-ground system is highly suited to protecting temporary perimeters and sensitive areas of high profile events, where an alternative to post-in-ground fencing is preferred, or a کno dig’ policy is in force for safety reasons. It is also suitable for construction sites, airports and other venues,” the GM said.

Rapid EPS ME has recently signed with local Prisma Qatar as exclusive distributors of Polmil in Qatar. Prisma Qatar’s Deputy General Manger Matteo Casiraghi said that Polmil could be an integral part of the security of events and national installations for years to come.”Paul and I are also discussing options to manufacture in Qatar,” Casiraghi noted.

“Recently, we did a special presentation for one of the country’s high profile event committees on what our Polmil Fences can do and we’ve had some very positive feedback about them,” Paul said, noting that it is still too early to tell.

While having offices in Qatar and the UAE and participating in international exhibitions – such as the recent Milipol Qatar 2014 – might have helped the three brands land a few important deals, Paul already has plans to spread the کworker welfare’ culture throughout the entire region.

“Our goal is to have distributers all over the GCC and we work very closely with the UK Trade and Investment team at the British Embassy in Doha who assist us in making introductions and strategic decisions. We’re also planning to open a new office in Oman soon as there are a lot of changes happening there in terms of infrastructure, but more importantly, we want to build on our reputation of being first in terms of workers’ welfare,” the GM concluded.


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