IonGear Battery Powered Heating Gloves

IonGear heating gloves
  • Product features

    • Heating elements built-in to gloves
    • Elements extend along entire finger & back of hand
    • One battery per glove; each battery has multi-level temperature controller
    • Sizes: S/M and L/XL
    • Colors: Black
    • 4 Temperature settings
    • Include: Sport Gloves (pair), Batteries (pair), Charger

  • Stay warm
    Our battery powered heated gear utilizes some of the most advanced heating element and battery technology available on the market. Vests and Jackets utilize flexible heating elements that are both rugged and removable. Our Gloves utilize micro- wires to achieve heating functionality. Both systems use rechargeable batteries that deliver consistent, long lasting heating. These systems are lightweight and easy to use.

  • How to use:

    1. Ensure battery is charged
    2. Set desired temperature
    3. Enjoy comfortable heat in cold temperatures
    4. Adjust temperature as needed

    how to use battery powered

  • How it works

    Built around unique heating elements and powerful Lithium batteries, our IonGear Battery Powered Vests, Jackets and Gloves provide extended warmth and great value.

    battery powered


  • Product benefits

    • IonGear systems focus on portability, you do not have to be connected to a vehicle battery system
    • If needed, IonGear Vests and Jackets can use 12V power systems using our 12V Direct Connect Converter (sold separately)
    • All products have multiple temperature settings and come with re-chargeable Lithium battery systems. This ensures you control your own temperature.
    • Our heating systems are deployed inside high quality garments that are both wind and waterproof
    • Each system comes with a detailed instruction guide that allows users to quickly and easily understand how the systems work
    • All IonGear products are designed to be used in a wide variety of settings work, recreation, powersports and other activities

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