HyperKewl Cooling Dog Pad

HyperKewl dog pad
  • Product Features:

    • Economical and effective
    • Great way to cool down your pet on a hot day; can be used indoors or outside
    • Provide 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking; extremely lightweight and durable
    • Comfortable, quilted nylon outer w/ HyperKewl Cooling fabric inner, and water repellent nylon liner, and black poly-cotton trim
    • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
    • Colors: Blue, Silver

    Using a cooling product means that your dog does not have to expend as much of their energy cooling the body. This leaves excess energy for other activities. You will be a popular pet parent if you let your four legged friend have one of these!

  • Avoid Heat Stress

    With temperatures soaring there is a sharp increase in the incidence of heat stress amongst dogs, potentially leading to heat stroke – a life threatening condition. But you no longer need to worry about the summer heat. For the first time ever, TechNiche International’s innovative HyperKewl and TechKewl cooling products for dogs are available in India.

    Dogs don’t have sweat glands, so it is critical to prevent them from overheating. Heat stress occurs when a dog loses its natural ability to regulate its body temperature. Our cooling pads provide a nice cool space for your dog to lie down, and cool off their vital organs, helping prevent heat stress.

  • HyperKewl Cooling Dog Pads

    Our HyperKewl cooling dog pads create an advanced water management system by absorbing water and slowly releasing it through a process of evaporation, keeping you 6-12ºC cooler for hours

    To use:

    1. simply submerge the product in water for 1-2 minutes;
    2. gently squeeze out any excess water;
    3. wipe the inside dry;
    4. put on your dog

    Let the HyperKewl Dog Pad’s advanced cooling management system work its magic; keeping your dog 6-12ºC cooler for hours. When the cooling effect starts to lessen all you need to do is follow these steps again to reactivate the product.

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