Phase change cooling vest effectiveness

Phase change cooling vest

Thermal imaging of our TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vests demonstrate just how effective they are at beating the heat even in extreme working environments, like foundries.

We were asked to supply our TechKewl PCM Cooling Vests for test purpose executed by a waste incineration company. During the test they made photo’s with a special thermal imaging camera in order to show / proof the testing results. Usually the incineration workers do work 1 hour and have than a break of 30 minutes.


Picture 1: Here the pieces of garbage will be burned. The core temperature of the material during the incineration is 1,300° Celsius. The environment temperature of the workers is 80° Celsius.

photo 1 cooling vest effectiveness

Picture 2: On the right you see the worker in protective clothing where the temperature of 80° Celsius was measured during the work.

photo 2 cooling vest effectiveness

Picture 3: Worker in working area without TechKewl Cooling Vest

photo 3 cooling vest effectiveness

Picture 4: Environment temperature at the start of the incineration with TechKewl Cooling Vest

photo 4 cooling vest effectiveness

Picture 5: With TechKewl Cooling Vest in working area

photo 5 cooling vest effectiveness

Picture 6: Environment temperature after 2 hours working in a TechKewl Cooling Vest

photo 6 cooling vest effectiveness

Picture 7: With TechKewl Cooling Vest after 2 hours

photo 7 cooling vest effectiveness


Workers feel very comfortable, have a better concentration and so perform better. Workers can work now for 3 hours with a break of 10 minutes. Both employer and workers are very happy with the new work situation.

Overall, the thermal imaging above highlights our cooling vest effectiveness. Our TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vests provide much needed protection from heat stress, keeping workers safe and comfortable, while also increasing productivity levels.


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