Multiple Sclerosis cooling vest review

ActiveMSers is blog that provides practical information for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers on how to stay active (physically, intellectually, and socially)—when traveling, playing in the outdoors, exercising, or just plain enjoying life—regardless of the disease and the sometimes devastating symptoms it causes. This Multiple Sclerosis cooling vest review of our Hybrid Elite Sport Cooling Vest highlights the usefulness of our cooling vests for MS sufferers.


Multiple Sclerosis cooling vest review: TechNiche International Hybrid Elite Sport Cooling Vest

by Active MSers

Versatility in a cooling vest is a big advantage, so when TechNiche International sent ActiveMSers their Hybrid Elite Sport Cooling Vest for testing, the deck appeared to be stacked. The vest, a true hybrid, can be cooled by its low-profile phase change packs, which we found last a solid two and a half hours, or by evaporative cooling through its HyperKewl fabric, which can provide hours of additional relief. When the cooling packs are exhausted, removing them and soaking the vest in water for a couple of minutes activates the HyperKewl, dropping over a pound and a half in the process. In testing, we preferred the phase change over the evaporative cooling, but the flexibility is especially appealing when on the move (imagine quickly charging the vest in a cold mountain stream while hiking).

Unlike most of the vests in this test, loose-fitting clothes can also be worn over this vest when using the cooling packs, the added bulk being not very noticeable. There are small design touches that further impress, like Velcro tabs on the cooling packs to prevent them from sliding down in the vest.

This TechNiche International vest notches above average scores in many categories of our test. Women gave it high marks in chest comfort. Evaporative ratings are in parenthesis. (read full article)

Design: 4

Fit: 4

Adjustability: 1

Endurance: 4

Comfort: 4

Convenience: 4

Concealability: 4

Versatility: 4

Sports: 4

Portability: 4

Cold Sensitivity: 4

Dryness: 5 (1)

Weight: 3lb 15oz (2 lbs 5 oz)


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