Cooling vests for motorsports

  • Beat the heat while you ride

    Whether your passion is motorcycles, dirt-bikes, or auto-racing the extreme Indian heat is always a concern, which can lead to heat stress. But with TechNiche International’s HyperKewl cooling vests and accessories you can overcome the heat. Our HyperKewl cooling vests for motorsports allow you to ride even on the hottest day, keeping you cool and comfortable.

  • Benefits of cooling vests for motorsportsCooling vests for bikers

    • Better reaction times 
    • Faster decision making
    • Fewer mistakes
    • Reduced sweating
    • Reduced dehydration
    • Reduced heart rate
    • Help in maintaining a safe core body

  • How the pros stay cool

    Some of the biggest names in motorsports are using our HyperKewl cooling vests to give them a competitive advantage. But you don’t have to be a world champion to stay HyperKewl. 

    F1 cooling vests

  • Magazine Reviews

    Our HyperKewl cooling vests for motorsports have been receiving glowing reviews, check out what these leading magazines are saying about our cooling vests for motorsports:

    Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine

    “... the HyperKewl vest works amazingly well”

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    Road Runner Magazine

    “I couldn’t believe the difference, instead of hot and sweaty, I felt cool”

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    Rider Magazine

    “... TechNiche’s HyperKewl vest provided remarkable relief”

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    Rider's Review Magazine

    “... like magic, you’ll instantly feel the cooling effect”

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    Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

    “This summer I have taken it with me on many trips and it never fails to keep the heat at bay"

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    Road Trooper Magazine

    “I couldn’t believe the difference, instead of hot and sweaty, I felt cool”

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    Motocross Action Magazine

    “Not only did it lower our core body temperature … but we noticed a spike in athletic performance”

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    Rider's Group

    "This vest is worth it’s weight in gold"

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    Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

    "the essential accessory for hot, summer days"

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    Chronic MX Magazine

    “… by far the best motocross cooling vest on the market”

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