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HyperKewl cooling apparel has been featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine. Our cooling vests and cooling apparel are perfect for beating the heat during the Indian summer. Find out more about HyperKewl in Sports Illustrated:


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The Indian summer is fast approaching, for most of us that means packing up our cricket gear, bikes, running shoes and parking up in front of the air-conditioner -waiting the summer out. But now you no longer need to let the heat dictate your life, thanks to TechNiche International’s dynamic Hyperkewl cooling apparel.

TechNiche International has developed an exciting range of evaporative cooling products including vests, headwear, neckwear and much more. This apparel has been tried and tested in some of the most extreme environments by top athletes and the US army. Hyperkewl cooling apparel is finally available in India. Make the summer of 2011 your last and stay cool and comfortable while you work, rest and play with Hyperkewl.

How it works?

Simply submerge the product in water for 1-2 minutes; gently squeeze out any excess water; dry off the inside of the vest so you won’t get wet; and then let the advanced cooling management system work its magic; keeping you cool and dry for 3-5 hours.

How cool will I be?

Depending on airflow, users can expect the evaporative cooling fabric to provide temperatures that are from 6-12 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Hyperkewl cooling apparel works best in warm, dry climates, although it works in coastal areas too.

Who will benefit?

Sports people: Whether you’re a professional sports person, or just like to go for a casual jog at night, or play a few rounds of golf with friends, HyperKewl cooling apparel will help you fight heat fatigue. Don’t let the heat affect your lifestyle.

Outdoor workers: India’s oppressive summer heat can make working outside unbearable and some times dangerous. We at India Cool Forever are committed to improving India’s summertime productivity and GDP, by helping workers avoid heat stress. Our range of innovative cooling apparel will ensure workdays are never again cut short by excessive temperatures. Stay cool, comfortable, safe and productive at the worksite with Hyperkewl cooling apparel.

Pets: Don’t forget your four-legged friends this summer. We offer a wide range of cooling coats and cooling pads for dogs and cooling blankets and neck coolers for horses. Prevent your pet from suffering from heat stress.

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