Cooling vests for 5 yr old with heat intolerance

Wyatt Daring is a 5 year old who has a rare heat intolerance disorder (ichthyosis). He was born without sweat glands, which means his body can’t cool itself when the temperature rises outside. To go outside he has to wear a phase change cooling vest.

The video below, from the Anderson Cooper Show, tells Wyatt’s story and what happened when somebody stole his cooling vest.

Thieves steal special cooling vest of boy, 5, with rare condition that could ‘cook’ him

Article by Daily Mail

Wyatt Daring is like every other five-year-old boy when he is wearing his special cooling vest, but without it, he’s so hot he cooks. So when thieves broke in to his mother’s car and stole his $700 vest, the Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, family was devastated. The care of their child has exacerbated the Daring family’s funds and they needed to reach out to the community to help them buy a new one.

‘We desperately need a new vest for him,’ said Wyatt’s mother, Terri Daring, to FOX. Wyatt suffers from ichthyosis, a rare skin disorder which means his body cannot cool itself. ‘He can only go outside for short periods of time if he wears his cooling vest,’ his family said. ‘His vest was stolen from the family’s van along with other items and [we] need to replace the vest asap. Without sweat glands, the boy wears a vest packed with ice packs. The boy told Fox that without it he would ‘cook to death.’

After reports of the family’s plea, several people have donated fund to the family to help with the child’s care. Wyatt and his mother appeared on Anderson to share their story, as well as be presented with a special gift. TechNiche, a company that specializes in climate control, offered to outfit him with a lifetime supply. The Waltz Golf Farm is also hosting a fundraiser for the family today.

Cooling apparel to relive heat intolerance symptoms:



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