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Our HyperKewl cooling vests have been featured in Just Style Apparel Magazine. The article highlights how our cooling vests are being worn at the Brazil Football World Cup, and out preform Adidas’ AdiPower cooling vest. Read more to find out about football cooling vests.


TechNiche develops cooling vest to rival AdiPower

by Just Style Apparel Magazinevan_persie_wesley_sneijder

TechNiche, a manufacturer of cooling and warming products, has developed a cooling vest for athletes that claims to rival the AdiPower kit by Adidas. The TechNiche Cooling Vests, which are being used by a number of 2014 World Cup teams, including The Netherlands, cools the body for up to three hours. They have a cooling temperature of 14ºC, and claim to have 0% probability of harmful vasoconstriction response.

The vests, the company says, shunt blood away from the skin back to the core if the body gets too cold. Dr. Stacy Sims, exercise physiologist at Stanford University, says ice vests, such as the one being provided by Adidas, are “too cold and can cause the veins to dilate, which can prohibit good blood flow to the extremities”.

The recently launched AdiPower pre-cooling vest and sleeves by Adidas are designed to reduce body temperatures and help football players prepare for games in warm climates.

The kit is designed to help football players in climates where the temperatures are at least 24ºC. The pre-cooling vest and sleeves help reduce body temperatures and delay the onset of heat-induced fatigue. They are designed to be worn as players warm up for matches or during half time intervals.

Comparing it own vests to the AdiPower kit, TechNiche claims the Adidas vests offer a shorter cooling period at 15-20 minutes, a lower cooling temperature at around 0ºC, and a ‘high’ probability of harmful vasconstriction response.

“As we get closer to the World Cup in Brazil, more and more attention is going to the heat in Brazil, and how it might impact the players”, TechNiche says, “As we watch this trend, the impending heat in Brazil, and help our customers, prepare themselves using our unique cooling solutions, we cannot help but be drawn into a discussion about alternative solutions”.

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