Dr Ward recommends our Cooling Dog Coats

Dr Ward of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has recommended our HyperKewl cooling coats for dogs as a top fitness product:

“What do the military, police and high-tech construction workers have in common? Many work in extreme heat conditions. Your dog can now benefit from the same technology that keeps our fighting forces cool in the Middle East. “If you have a giant or long-haired dog, running in the summer months can pose a health hazard for your pet.” remarks Dr. Ward. “To combat potential hyperthermia or heat stroke, we liked the HyperKewl coat.” You soak the vest and it cools your dog for 5 to 10 hours, according to the manufacturer.”

Keep your best mate safe from canine heat stroke with our cooling coats for dogs. Protect your pooch this summer!

Check out these images of our cooling dog coats and pads:


Cooling coats and pads for dogs:


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