Cooling Neckbands for Police in Delhi

Delhi Police to stay cool with HyperKewl Cooling Neckbands

This summer has seen blistering temperatures in Delhi, with the mercury regularly crossing 40ºC. Naturally this makes outdoor jobs very dangerous occupations. To help Delhi police officers avoid suffering from heat stroke the Delhi police are procuring 3,000 HyperKewl Cooling Neckbands manufactured by TechNiche International. Our cooling neckbands provide temperatures 6-12ºC off the ambient temperature. So that blistering 40ºC day, may only feel like 28-34ºC. This is a great step towards ensuring the health and safety of Delhi police officers.

For more on the story see this article from the Hindustan Times. And click here to find out more about our HyperKewl Cooling Neckbands.



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