• Stay warm

    TechNiche’s air activated animal warming products with HeatPax warmers deliver many hours of warmth, providing a comfortable 57ºC temperature. They are a proven way to beat the cold. Suspend the heating at any time by resealing the inserts in an airtight container or plastic bag. Keep your four legged friend warm on the coldest days.





    • Open the HeatPax Warmer wrappers
    • Insert the Warmers in your ThermaFur dog coat or pad
    • Wait 10 minutes for the Warmers to heat up fully
    • Let your dog enjoy a comfortable 57ºC warmth for up to 20 hours, or:
    • Reseal for later use



  • How it works

    Heat Pax warmers are made up of a combination of iron, activated carbon, cellulose, vermiculite, water and salt. These ingredients are wrapped in a container that keeps any oxygen from interacting with the ingredients inside the warmer.

    Heat Pax warmers generate heat through a chemical reaction when these ingredients are combined with air. When the warmer is unwrapped, oxygen is allowed to mingle with the ingredients inside the warmer. When the oxygen hits the iron in the warmer, it causes the iron to oxidize. The chemical reaction releases energy in the form of heat, the salt acts as a catalyst, the carbon works as a dispersant agent and the vermiculite works to insulate the warmer and prevent the heat from escaping too quickly.

  • Product benefits

    • Simple and easy to use, no shaking or pre-heating required
    • Non-toxic targeted heat relief for dogs in cold temperatures
    • Heat Pax Warmers will warm your dog for several hours
    • Natural, heat generating exothermic reaction Ingredients stored in soft, flexible packs
    • Heating can be suspended at any time by resealing the inserts in an airtight container
    • Use across multiple days
    • Cost-effective protection from the cold

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