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  • India Cool Forever – leading provider of climate control apparel

    For the first time ever, TechNiche International’s innovative HyperKewl™ and TechKewl™ cooling apparel are available in India. This ground-breaking technology is already being utilized internationally by many top athletes, sports teams and leading institutions, and is currently being supplied to world renowned brands like adidas.

    As India’s sole distributor of these products, we can offer you a range of dynamic evaporative and phase-change cooling apparel; including cooling vests, caps, hats, wrist-bands, neck-bands, pet products and much much more. These products represent an easy, efficient and cost effective way to stay cool and avoid heat stress.

    Whether you work outside, exercise outdoors, compete as an athlete or simply use our products to make your life more comfortable, we have a wide variety of cooling solutions for you.  India Cool Forever is committed to providing high quality products that enhance the lifestyles of our users.  We are focused on improving our current products as well as introducing exciting new ones.  As always, we would like to thank our customers, suppliers and other strategic partners for their continued support.  At India Cool Forever we are looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead …

    Who will benefit from our cooling apparel?

    Anyone who is affected by the heat in anyway will benefit immensely from the cooling relief our products provide. Our state-of-the-art cooling apparel is designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you work, rest and play.

    boost summertime productivity and profits with our line of industrial safety cooling apparel. With our products workdays will never again be cut short by the oppressive heat.


    Rest: as temperatures rise so does the risk of heat stress, which can potentially lead to heat stroke – a life threatening condition. Don’t let heat stress affect you this summer, stay HyperKewl™.


    Play: our cooling apparel is already being utilized by many top athletes including: Alberto Contador (multiple Tour de France winner), Jenson Button (F1 champion), the Dutch national soccer team, various cricket teams in Australia, and many more. But you don’t have to be a pro to be HyperKewl™.


  • Win Win Distribution Co.

    India Cool Forever is a division of
    Win Win Distribution Co. Win Win Distribution has been serving and satisfying customers since 1957. At Win Win Distribution we wear our philosophy in our name: for us to ‘Win’ our customers must also ‘Win’. We operate from our own exclusively occupied office building on MG Road, Secunderabad.Win Win Distribution

    Our traditional line of business has been industrial products (motors, gearboxes and pumps). We are dealers for Crompton Greaves Industrial Products. We have been Crompton Greaves’ largest dealers in South India for some years now, and have grown to become their biggest dealer in India. We are also South India distributors for Elecon geared motors and we stock a wide range of Worm reduction gear boxes as well. We are also distributors for Wilo and Mather & Platt pumps (No. 1 in pumping systems in Europe) for the complete range of fire fighting pumps, pressure boosting systems, sewage pumps etc. As our company has grown we have begun to diversify, by introducing a range of unique products to India, such as hydraulic lifts, landscape curbing machines and cooling apparel.

    Why Cooling Apparel?

    We have been running a successful landscape curbing business since 2005 (Dream Scape Kerbs). However, every year during summer, without fail, the productivity of our employees laying the curbing would fall dramatically. They just couldn’t lay as much curbing in the brutal summer heat. Racking our brains for a solution to this drop in productivity, we finally came across cooling vests on the internet. Unfortunately they were not available in India, so we had to order some in at highly inflated prices from the US. After supplying them to our employees, we found that productivity jumped, they were able to lay curbing at their pre-summer rate, without suffering from heat stress or fatigue.

    We found that the rise in productivity these cooling vests enabled more than paid for themselves. Based on our own experience we realized what amazing potential these innovative products have for raising India’s summertime productivity and GDP. We saw a huge opportunity for these products in India from anyone who has to work outside in the oppressive heat, as well as anyone whose outdoor leisure activities are being impeded by the heat. The market is huge, and the prices are affordable.

  • Our other businesses

    Win WinWin Win Distribution Co. brings to you a wide range of products ranging from Motors, Gearboxes and Pumps. Serving and satisfying customers since 1957.


    DreamScape KerbDream Scape Kerb is the sole supplier of decorative landscape edging in India. We also help set up curbing franchises, so you can join us in this lucrative business.